Steven Taveras

is creating A Webcomic called "The Blue Earth" a science fiction-fantasy

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In the distant future Earth, once a veritable Garden of Eden has changed into a pleasure dome of entertainment and immorality. Decades of war against a powerful god known as Malovick, who has conquered most of the nearby solar system in search of a great sleeping power hidden on Earth has turned all of Earth’s beauty and splendor into war riddled fields and has enslaved many of his conquered planets residents.

The only thing that stands between Malovick and total galactic dominance is a group of
individuals that have banded together from across the great divide through a shared dream of an angel and a demon compelling them to action in protecting this ancient power. If they fail to stop Malovick and his family they will upset the delicate balance of the universe and could cause a chain of cataclysmic events that will end earth and all around it.

Together they will face off against one of the greatest threats the Earth has ever faced and find out a great truth about themselves in the process.
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If i can get this much a month it means you like the story soI will provide a full color splash page in each of my comics.
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