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Lucid Dreamers believe not only in the future of Dream Story, but Dremica itself. They are those that truly bring Dremica to life...

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About Dream Story

DREAM STORY is a podcast that follows the story of Dremica, a lucid dream world that is affected by real-world events. It is available to listen to on all major streaming platforms. 

While radio dramas, narrative podcasts, and audiobooks are familiar territory, Dream Story strives to fall under the umbrella of "serial fiction" in a category all of its own. The podcast is an immersive experience told with limited narration, with a diverse range of characters that respond more realistically than your typical heroes and villains.

The current objective of Dream Story is to expand it further into the real world--YOUR world. We are working to add more content to social media, including a Wiki/Dictionary to our website of several races, animals, places, and objects in the Dremica universe. Our next steps also include allowing listeners to create their own Dremmies (citizens of Dremica), to be featured in the podcast either by interaction with the main cast or via description by the narrator. 

There is a LOT more that we want to do, including equipment upgrades, implementation of new sound editing technologies, live show recordings with all the voice actors, and the creation of original art from the world of Dremica by commissioned fans and indie artists.

And to do all of that, we need YOUR help!
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At 100 patrons, I will hire an editor and commission fans/indie artists to put out episodes faster and create more visual content to support the podcast.
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