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About Emily

DreamyChat is a chat community focused on hypnosis and its safe, sociable, and consensual practice.

Any excess donations will initially go entirely towards funding the domain name (which cost me just over $1 for the first year, but I'll be paying about $8/year from next year onwards).

For the time being, while the site is in development, surplus donations are basically just a tip jar for me since I'm putting in a lot of my own time and effort, plus it provides a buffer so I don't need to worry about making a loss if I have unexpected extra costs or something. I really appreciate everyone's support <3
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In addition to my eternal love (or at least a month's worth of it), there'll be an icon or some other visible indicator that you donated.

$6 – reached! per month
This covers the $5 + 20% VAT (thanks, UK laws) I pay for the server every month.
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