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- This is the only tier. I will provide you at least $5 worth of entertainment per month. 

- You value this content the same as a 6" Cold Cut Combo

- This content will take the form of videos and podcasts. 

-The videos will be anything like sketches, standup, cooking videos, music lessons, or behind the scenes tour footage. 

- The podcast will be extended clips from my weekly podcast "This Week With Drew." 




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About Drew Behm

Hey There ,

I'm Comedian Drew Behm and I'm here for the TRUE FANS!!! I do stand up comedy for a living so I have all day to frig around and make funny videos. Instead of giving that milk away for free on YouTube IM TRYNA SELL THE WHOLE COW HERE ON PATREON!


I think $5 a month for a subscription to this brimming udder of hilarity seems fair in this climate, I mean that's like one beer or a 6" deal of the day sub at Subway. YOU CAN'T HOOK ME UP WITH A COLD CUT COMBO ON A TUESDAY?!?

Anyways subscribe and I will be uploading videos, podcast, how-to's, behind the scenes tour videos, and whatever else the content machine demands as a sacrifice for my commitment to a career in the arts.

Check me out on all your other favourite social media platforms as well, IM SPREAD ACROSS THE BOARD !!

$27 of $500 per month
  • When I hit $500 per month I will be able to double my current output by adding a second camera and wireless video mics to my arsenal!
  • With the new gear I will be able to do interview style podcasting and reach an even greater audience
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