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Hi, my name is Andrew DeCrescenzo, and I have been making comics for years! Well, they really have been more for fun, but there has been a fair share of paid cartooning work in there. The problem that I am having is like many of you out there with the same dream of working in comics- it’s been impossible for me to find any steady work in the field. It’s been a dream of mine to create a comic series, and I have been doing just that the past few years with a series of mine called Spirit Legends. The problem, however, lies in the lack of funding, resulting in the lack of time to work on the series. I have recently begun the third issue of Spirit Legends, but because I am not making any money working on my dream, on top of needing to pay people who are working on it, I am forced to do part-time jobs or study for a back-up career, unless I get lucky and land a gig with another comic publisher. The thing is, I really want to continue working on Spirit Legends, but at the current rate, there only seems to be a new issue once a year. Yes, one a year! The lack of funding and time forces my dream to becoming a hobby that can’t even seem to get anywhere because I don’t even have enough time for it. That’s where you come in! With your funding, I would be able to turn this dream into potentially a full time career and aim to produce a new issue every month. That’s a huge difference! What’s more, it’s not as if this is a comic that has not been worked on at all. In fact, like I said earlier, there are already two issues out- the first one being double length as well as both having their own animated motion comic episodes with voice actors and an original soundtrack! This is a project that has multiple people involved, so it is a serious project. The only thing holding it back is that it needs funding to keep it going!

Spirit Legends is an action comic that I started years ago, and as such, went through multiple revisions and reboots. The current version, which is my ideal version that I finally settled on, follows the story of a young man in high school who finds himself caught in a situation where he obtains the powers of the element of darkness. In the first arc, I want to explore what would really happen in a situation like this in the modern world. What would really happen to someone who found himself with magical powers in our world today? This first arc sets up the series and explores such a scenario, and it concludes with an epic showdown between three parties that will pave the path for the acceptance and denial of such powers. With that said, I truly believe the overall story is an original concept that I can’t wait to show, and it certainly helps that, since I have a basic structure planned out for the entire series, I can hide little secrets and red herrings here and there for people to smile when they reread older issues once more!
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