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About Drew McClure

If I can offer you even just one thought that helps you create breakthrough, then that will be enough for me.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have encouraged me, pushed me, and walked along side me to share the message that's been put on my heart. I would have stopped climbing this mountain a long time ago if it were not for you.

Your financial support helps me to:
  • Invest my time in creating more content that helps people get unstuck
  • Tackle the gigantic task of helping people have breakthrough moments
  • Care for you while you help me pay my family's bills (mostly Chick-fil-A and Diapers)
  • Continue creating art in the form of books, podcasts, talks, and events
  • Helping people see that life is better than they think
  • And more...
Every dollar counts, and I'm grateful for each of you.

At one point in my life…

...I woke up to reality that I was bored, stuck, and unimpressed. This was not what was promised to me in college. I was supposed to change the world. I was supposed to live an adventurous life. I was supposed to be doing what I love and loving what I was doing. Oh and I was supposed to be healthy and happy too.

Well there was one problem…

...I was given promises without preparation. I had a magnificent and terrifying mountain to climb with no clue how to actually summit a mountain like that. There was an incredible vertical distance between what could be and what actually was. I had passion and desire for all of those things but no clue how to attain them. To go further up the mountain I had to go on a journey and I had to ask for help A LOT along the way. I have not arrived, but I am not stuck anymore. I am happier, healthier, and more effective at doing my work in the world than I have ever been.

At some point in your life…

…you will hit your max altitude and establish your new normal. You will go as high and far as your natural giftings, personality, relationships, habits, and approaches to life will take you and then you will slowly build a life there.

Here is the problem with that…

…you know you were meant for a higher altitude.
You know you were designed to continue to grow, conquer, and cultivate.
But instead you are stuck, stagnant, and in a soul-numbing repeating cycle. You seem to waffle between failed attempts to pick yourself up and go higher or give up and give in to life always being like it is. There is a 3rd option. You could try finding new guides, new friends, and new tools. If you do that you might just find the real you.

No one has “arrived” here but we are on a journey to go higher and might have some things that can help you. Oh and what’s at the top you ask? I believe its the truest you, the most fulfilled you, who is doing the most good you could do in the world. So come on friends, lets go up together.
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Once we reach 100 supporters (and after I dry my tears of joy and gratitude), I'll host a special event around the Atlanta area to share some of my latest content I've been working on. We'll also live stream it for those of you who can't make it from out of town.
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