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About DrGraevling

I've been creating NSFW art for the internet for several years now. I am mostly known from creating derivative art based on a well-known MMORPG, but I also have a large portfolio of original art and derivative art based off of other IPs. My work can be found on Hentai Foundry and Twitter.

In the past, all of my creative work has been supported through art commissions from people all over the world, but I have ideas for branching out and trying different things that won't work as well with the standard commission format.
That's why I've turned to Patreon.

The main purpose of this campaign is to support me in creating more original art and trying out new ideas that everyone on the internet can enjoy, without having to lean on a single client paying a large sum of money up front. So if you like my work and want to support me trying some different things, please consider becoming a patron.

Patreon is not going to replace my commission work. There will still be opportunities for people to get custom artwork, and I believe that my normal commission work will benefit from this campaign, because of potential new things I try may become available for commissions.


The main goal of the campaign is to start creating a colouring book and release pages monthly. Interest in colouring books for adults has risen over the last few years, and if normal colouring books for adults are popular, then I'm quite certain there's an interest in an adult colouring book.

I'm also working on expanding my repertoire of rendering styles a bit, specifically cel-shaded work that might be used in potential comic projects in the future.

Free content

The content supported through this campaign will be posted for free viewing on my normal sites like Hentai Foundry, Tumblr and Twitter. I have no intentions of putting it completely behind a paywall.
There will of course be perks for patrons, though. Patrons may receive high-res PSD versions of the colouring pages and higher resolution copies of other artwork produced, as well as seeing work in progress sketches.

Thanks for supporting me and my work!

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Every alternate month the cel-shaded pinup image will be replaced with a fully rendered soft-shaded image.
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