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This tier is used by me for all sorts of tests.

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Instant whitelisting for Minecraft

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This applies to any Minecraft server I run, such as the official TerraFirmaCraft server.
With this tier you get automatic whitelisting, but you don't have to pay for access. Whitelist applications are also reviewed and approved manually. See the server website for more info.




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About Dries007

Hello, I'm Dries007.

I'm now the lead dev for the official Terrafirmacraft 1.12.2 (and beyond) port.
If you want to get instantly whitelisted to the 
TerraFirmaCraft 1.7.10 Official Server, you can pledge 5$ or more. More info on that via the link.

I've created a tool, called MCLink, that allows automatic Patreon (& Twitch & others) Minecraft server whitelisting system. Check out the website: mclink.dries007.net. (This is why I have the test tier, it gets used in the development of MCLink and other Patreon API integrations.)

I make minecraft mods, most notably MineTweakerRecipeMaker and Holoinventory.
I do requests when I have a lot of free time too :p I no longer have time for requests.

I've also created CurseMeta, a website that lets you get all sorts of metadata of Twitch/CurseForge mods & modpacks. It's the reason MultiMC can install Twitch/CurseForge modpacks directly!

With this Patreon campaign I hope to get some extra motivation to work on more public Minecraft Mods and keep the existing ones up to date. You won't get early releases by supporting me, because most of my (public) work is open source, but you will get my eternal gratitude for every cent I get!

The money will most likely go to a decent server to host my website/build server.
$20.70 of $70 per month
This would pay for my server!
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