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Every supporter helps to ensure that I keep creating free content and participate with the community projects. You also get access to:

• Access to our Discord Server with given @supporter role

• "Thank You!" message on my Supporter's page on Driggl's blog

• Community Polls

• Upcoming content and project hints!

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I especially appreciate premium support, as every premium supporter helps us improving the Udemy Content aside from the open-source activity.

• Everything from previous tiers

• @educator role in our Discord Patreons Server

• Get FREE access to all of my Udemy courses - Write to me on Discord and I'll send you the Code.

• Early access to contribute in all my Open-Source Projects

Disclaimer: 11 $ from this plan is given for direct community growth support and Open-Source project management.

9 $ are used for improving the Udemy Content and recording new courses!

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This tier is for people who really enjoy what I'm doing and really want to help me with that, as I get only 10 $ from this one. 90% of this support is spent only on supporting community projects and free content publications.

In this tier you gain:

• everything from previous plans

• Unique "Thank You" mentions in all my open-source project pages and My blog Supporter's list with direct link to your website.

• @community-angels Role on our Discord Server

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About Driggl

In Driggl, we love teaching and love helping others evolve on the Internet. Our goal is to bring Modern Web Development to the level of accessibility where everybody can join and make exciting projects together.

Do you want to boost your development skills like never before? Become the patron and enjoy your unique possibilities!


In case you don't know me - My name is Seb, and I've launched Driggl to help people work because they love their work, not because they have to do it.

I'm an author of Driggl's blog, Udemy courses, and Open-Source projects which serve people to help them grow as developers and become professionals.

This Patreon is to help me finance the projects I'm working on. The income I collect here is used mostly to finance the open-source projects I'm managing and I will publish all the spendings from this source.

So, your support is from Community for Community.

My Personal Live is financed from my Udemy Courses and the regular development I just love.

If you want to be a part of it, choose the plan and help me build this unique ecosystem for web developers!

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I'll guarantee to publish two articles per week on our blog. Also one Patreon will be allowed to publish the guest article for Free - independent of the traffic I'll reach in the future.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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