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Hi, I’m Dr. Kevin Payne.

You live with a chronic health condition. You care for someone who does. You know one thing: it gets in the way of the life you want to lead.

So come with me on a surprising, life changing journey that begins with a well-intentioned misunderstanding we all share and ends by answering the most important question in your life: “how can I change my life for the better?

I live with multiple sclerosis. I’ve battled chronic pain, fatigue, trauma, and depression. I was once 120 pounds overweight. I spent a decade supporting a wife dying of cancer. The unending distress of chronic illness broke cherished relationships. I’ve lived the challenges of chronic health conditions, both as diagnosed and caregiver.

I know, that sounds pretty awful. But they’re the same challenges faced by millions everyday.

At first, I did what anyone would do: I tried to ignore it. That didn’t work, so I felt pretty sorry for myself. That didn’t work, either.

But I’m a scientist. I’ve spent my life studying people. For me, it’s all about the data.

So I turned myself into a guinea pig and began ruthlessly experimenting. I found what worked for me and how to put it into action to improve my life.

But I needed solutions that worked for others, as well. I interviewed hundreds, surveyed thousands, scraped 2.23 million data points from the open web, and re-analyzed over 7,000 studies on more than a hundred conditions to build those practical solutions.

Everyone tells us what to do, but the “what” isn’t our problem. Our challenge is finding how to change our mindsets, behaviors, health, and environments for the better — and to do it in ways we can manage and sustain. The “how’s” are different for each of us, but the process for finding what works is the same.

I’ve turned my ongoing research and experience into tools supporting others in their journeys to live well in the face of our life-changing diagnoses. I develop print, audio, video, analytics, and other materials that help us conquer our challenges and live well. They offer practical answers, grounded in science, shaped by experience, driven by data, delivered with compassion, and personalized for you.

This Patreon supports that mission:
  1. Your Life, Lived Well. The book that shows you how to think better about chronic illness and put lasting, meaningful change into action. (Coming in 2019.)
  2. Chronic Life Podcast. Weekly discussions on issues of living well with chronic illness, caregiving, and the healthcare system.
  3. Chronic Cow. We deliver analytics-driven training, guidance, and support for those living with chronic illness, loved ones and caregivers, and health and wellness professionals.
  4. Educational, supportive, and inspirational print, digital, audio, video, analytics, and other materials.

So why am I doing this through Patreon? Well, I need you. Not just the money necessary to fund ongoing development. I need your perspectives, your experiences, your concerns. I need a community of people who really care and want to join this journey of turning a lot of science into practical tools that can be understood and used everyday by people who live these same challenges.

By supporting my mission through Patreon, you’ll become part of a community determined to live well, even though we face the challenges of ongoing health conditions, and dedicated to improving the lives of those living with, and care for, chronic illness. You’ll become a voice for awareness and humane treatment. You’ll have a say in the materials that answer your questions and support your journey. And you’ll get:
  • exclusive content
  • early access
  • individualized insights
  • live conversations
  • special discounted offers.
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