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About Drooskati Games

Welcome! I'm Droosk, and I'm currently making the Adult VN, "Between Two Worlds". The project is currently in development. Chapter 1 was released on June 28th, 2021. Currently, this is a fully one man operation.

What is Between Two Worlds?

The game follows a group of friends who play a tabletop RPG game, in the world of Euchora. You are the main character, obviously. You have your girlfriend Hannah, female friends Skylar and Emily, and male friends Oscar and Kenny.

Something strange happens, and the game world suddenly becomes very real. You and your friends keep being pulled between the real world, and that game world. Not only that, but the creatures of that world have started popping up in your world, threatening your friends and families.

The problem is, you're slowly being pulled into a darkness that you don't understand. You're being seduced by an unseen person, tempting you with power and control.

Do you refuse to fall into the darkness, working with your friends to seal the breach?

Or do you succumb, dooming them all and taking the road of evil?

That is up to you.

The game will have multiple endings, based on your choices and actions throughout.

Discord Link: Discord!

Between Two Worlds Chapter 2 Download links for Mega:

Windows: https://bit.ly/2ZntoJ0
Linux: https://bit.ly/3lNiMdX
Mac: https://bit.ly/3lOgrzw
Android: https://bit.ly/3EBxqxo
20% complete
Reaching this level of support will allow me to dedicate a full week out of the month to full development, rather than just part time all the time. This means faster, and better, updates. Please consider supporting :)
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