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About Tyler Schultz

Hello and welcome. I'm Tyler, and I make music. I've been playing guitar and making music for 14 years. I am currently just getting started recording and producing lots of new music in my home studio. The genres I've been focusing on lately are synthwave/electronic, technical metal, progressive metal, black metal, and post rock. In the next 12 months, I hope to put out a heavy/guitar based album, and a dark synthwave album. Both albums will be available on Spotify when I finish my work on the tracks. If you'd like to support me and cover some of my music equipment expenses, I would be super grateful and will provide you with an inside look into the production process. I have high hopes that my music will be good enough to justify all of the hard work (and thousands and thousands of hours) I've put in to becoming a musician. Thank you for stopping in!
Soundcloud Page link: https://soundcloud.com/feverscene
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