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We are a group of neuroscientists and educators that believe
education is the best way to reduce psychological and physical harm due to drug use.

So far, we have created this beautiful website and we can give you advice if you are thinking of drinking alcohol, smoking cannabis or taking cocaine, ketamine, LSD, MDMA, modafinil and 2-CB.

We are strictly non-profit and will never show any advertising or sponsored links. For that reason, in order to keep making high quality and unbiased guides, we ask you to grow our community. Join us on Patreon! Any amount counts.

Drugsand.me is for anyone that wants to learn about harm reduction, the science of drugs and ways of staying safe when consuming drugs. Through research, know-how and science, we provide educational material about substances and drug-related topics as well as interactive material to help you and your loved ones avoid undesired outcomes when consuming drugs.

here is an endless number of drugs out there and we, humans, are inevitably pleasure seekers. So, we want to keep saving lives, minimising accidents and teaching people how to reduce the harms!

Why drugsand.me?
We have leveraged our understanding of neuropharmacology and didactics to create educational material that include cutting-edge research in the fields. Unfortunately, there's still a lot of research to be done, so wherever there's no scientific information we use
the wisdom of the crowd, information made by users. We mix these two sources of information in a laborious cocktail and it results in concise, layman and accurate information for everyone!

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Drugsand.me is a non-profit. Join us on Patreon! 
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