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Perfect for someone new to the Path just Investigating the fundamentals of Spirituality - a trove of basic mystical ideas made easy to understand and apply to your everyday life.


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  • Treasury Articles - Enjoy new articles each month which break down complex mystical topics into easy to understand practical methods
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  • Treasury Videos - A regular stream of new videos delving into the most advanced occult philosophies and practical applications to take away the guess work and clear confusion

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  • Daishi's Personal Vlog - Special access to these never-before shared personal stories from his life and his private path, exclusive spiritual insights, special very in-depth mystical book reading with his personal commentary and instruction plus Daishi's views on the world, politics, social issues, sex, relationships/marriage, health, school, sleep, diet, children, money, the universe, death and birth, and much more

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  • 'Request A Topic' - Make requests for the content you want to hear about and we'll pick the top selections each month and produce a special Video or Audio discussing and exploring it

About Drukama Treasury™

The Treasury is a website dedicated to helping introduce the concepts, ideas and methods that are found in a step-by-step curriculum at the Drukama Teachings Center @ Drukama.com


Are you tired of wondering who's actually interfering with your life behind the scenes? ... The world might not be all that we have been told.

We're pushing back against the system that ignores the most important knowledge people will ever possess, self-knowledge.

It's our humble opinion that everyone in the world deserves to learn about the authentic methods of self-realization so they have more choice by understanding who they are behind the transient, illusory self imposed and reinforced by society. Intentionally concealing or purposely suppressing this crucial information from the world means choice is restricted and people can easily be misled and misused.

Drukama re-introduces authentic mystical concepts and practical ideas in a light-hearted, simple to understand and entertaining way. Content is uploaded several times a week in the form of free, fundamental and advanced articles, audio blogs, and video interviews, discussing everything mystical and how it influences the world around us.

By introducing the Foundation and Advanced stages of practice we get you prepared for your journey through a method of attaining true liberation from the system that seems to dominate our perception through subtle manipulation. The Foundation is about learning about your inner process, making corrections and enhancing your tools. The Advanced method culminates with the interaction of the Intelligent Forces that work behind the scenes controlling our mental states, emotional reactions and physical speech and actions.

The Drukama Treasury is part of a larger not-for-profit organization with active members around the world gathering here to listen in and learn, and at the Drukama.com Teachings Center to formally put the Teachings into practice with other aspiring seekers and tutors.

Each week we provide new cutting-edge content showing you how to take back control of your life experience. We reveal the most intense practical methods of understanding yourself by revealing the hidden dimensions of reality - we begin where other spiritual systems end.

We teach methods that help you enter the subtle dimension of the unconscious mind and beyond to help understand how perception is formed. Our group is a big mix of completely new seekers and Adept practitioners who live to help others understand this wisdom.

Whether you're new to mysticism or been practicing for years, you'll quickly notice the difference between this Teaching and all other mainstream methods. And because our Teachings are so effective, soon Drukama will become one of the most recognized purveyors of mystical knowledge in the world - Join our mission and be part of that positive growth. 

Please keep in mind that Drukama Treasury and Drukama Teachings are part of the Drukama Mission, a recognized not-for-profit organization, so your charitable contributions here to the Treasury are completely tax-deductible.

You should feel good knowing all monthly contributions support the development and dissemination of these much-needed Teachings, and continue to expand our active charitable outreach programs. Through this Mission we have already helped provide spiritual and personal guidance, food, clothing, and shelter to dozens of practitioners around the world, so thank you for helping us continue to help others!

~ The Drukama Team
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By becoming a contributing member of the Treasury you help us continue to give away more essential time to those who want this important life changing wisdom.

As hundreds will attest, we already give away as much free time as we can to anyone and everyone who asks, but there's only so much we can do without your help.

Thank you for helping us continue to help others!
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