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About Drunk and Scared

Drunk and Scared is a podcast and website for horror movie fans by horror movie fans. Run by two hellbound gorehounds, Kenna and Griffin, Drunk and Scared aims to educate and intoxicate the masses.

Every other week, we sit at our kitchen table and discuss a horror-related topic while drinking thematically appropriate booze. In between each episode, they fill this website with articles, upcoming events, reviews, recipes, rants, and pretty much anything that doesn't make the show. The goal of Drunk and Scared is to critically analyze and comment on the horror genre in a way that proves horror's cultural significance and help other horror fans think about the movies they love (and maybe hate) on a deeper level, all while hammered. Drunk and Scared is equal parts film theory, analysis, humor, and whiskey.

Drunk and Scared is available to you for absolutely free, and we want to keep it that way forever. But we're also poor and it takes a lot of alcohol and electricity to produce the show and the website. If you wanna be helpful and keep us drunk, go ahead and donate. We'll love you and give you a shout out on the show and take you off our kill list (probably). Literally even a buck helps out. Thanks, fiends.
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