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About Drunken Fist

Hey There!

Thank you for visiting our fan club page. You are probably here because you have heard a few episodes of the Drunken Fist podcast. If not, here’s a little bit about us:

About Drunken Fist Podcast

Drunken Fist is a podcast that is an offshoot from the widely popular podcast, “The David Bordeaux Show.” The David Bordeaux Show was a passion project of martial arts performance instructor, David Bordeaux. The show featured interviews with popular martial artists, fitness professionals, and nutrition experts. David eventually ended the show. There were many messages from listeners asking if the podcast would ever start back up. As much as he loved doing the show, and wanted to start it back up, he could no longer afford to do it.

After many requests and suggestions of listeners, David decided to start Drunken Fist podcast with his new co-host, Justin Plavic, a fellow martial arts instructor. Justin was featured on The David Bordeaux Show, and his episodes were the most downloaded of the history of the show.

Twice a month, David and Justin have a drink and candidly explore a wide variety of martial arts topics with entertaining heresy. Drunken Fist gives you the chance to pour yourself a drink and hang with two martial arts instructors as they share their knowledge and personal experiences. If you prefer your martial arts podcasts with a side of humor and a splash of alcohol, Drunken Fist this is the podcast for you!

To ensure that Drunken Fist is able to continue for a very long time, we created a fan club for Drunken Fist fans: The Society of Drunken Fans. The fan club allows Drunken Fist to be a fully independent podcast, without a major network or corporate sponsor resources.

About Patreon

A great video that explains Patreon is located here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwvUjAv6pxg.

Basically, the Patreon platform allows us to create a fan club that you can join to be a member of Drunken Fists community of fans. Your membership contributions help to pay for the costs associated with creating and distributing the show. Membership contributions are charged at the beginning of each month. These contributions help us to keep the show going and remain free for all.

Membership Benefits

Membership and its corresponding benefits come in several tiers. When you join the Society of Drunken Fans, you join the community of fans, you get access to exclusive content, advance notice of news and events, a peek behind the scenes, a chance to help influence the show to make it better, and so much more. Take a look at the different membership tiers and see which one really calls out to you. Then click “Become a Patron.”

How Membership Contributions are Used

Ongoing Expenses
  • Web hosting
  • Podcast Distribution
  • Production Software Subscriptions
  • Electricity
  • Website maintenance
  • Etc.

These are the immediate costs and expenses. As membership in the fan club grows, we would like to provide more for our listeners and our fans. Below is a small list of goals that we would like to accomplish to be able to best serve our listeners.

Future Goals

  • Recording Upgrade Investments
    • Microphones
    • Mixers
    • Computers
    • Recording studio creation
  • Pay an editor to produce the podcast (this will give us more time to work on the show)
  • Be able to go on the road more with our national workshops
  • Eventually, transition to have this be our full-time income so we can be fully dedicated to making this the best show ever.

There’s even more. As we continue moving forward we will add our goals to the Goals section.

An Important Note

As we talk about what the membership contributions go towards and our future goals and aspirations, there is something very important that we must stress: we cherish all of our fan club members, from our basic members all the way to our assistant producers. We also appreciate those who can only afford $1. It may not seem like much, but every bit helps. So whether you’re a long-time fan of the show, or you just discovered it, we want to invite you to join this Society of Drunken Fans at any membership level that makes sense for you.

Other Options

Not everyone may want to join the fan club, or are in a financial position to do so, and would still like to show their support as the Drunken Fist fans they are. If this describes you, we appreciate your consideration. Below are a few ways that you can show your support and help the show.

  • Subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t done that yet
  • Give an honest review on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or on the app you use to listen to the show
  • Share the newly released episodes on your preferred social media platform
  • Tell your friends about the show as every listener makes a huge difference
  • Email us and tell us what’s on your mind and what you think of the show

Listeners and members alike help to keep this show independent. At the end of the day, it’s you who lifts us up and allows us to make this show for you, and for that, we are eternally grateful. Thank you!

David and Justin
Drunken Fist

P.S. If you happen to have some bitcoin burning a hole in your wallet and want to buy us a drink or two, you may find the QR code helpful for that ;) 

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