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Drunk Pirate is the internet's most popular drinking game, and we want it to keep growing!

Currently we have over 300 cards in the game, but if you play every week, the game can start to feel similar. We want that game to feel unique every time you play, how can we do this? 
By creating hundreds more cards, and new ones every month, also different game modes and deck types. With your support we can do this!

We want to do this without adding adverts to the game, no one likes adverts and using patreon we can keep developing without adding them and while rewarding you!
For less than a coffee every month you could help make this happen!

That's not all though, we also want to make native apps for Android and iO, this has been wanted for a long time, and we are in the process.
We are also planning to release a physical deck to play with, you can get early access to this deck by signing up as a patron! As we get more support we will be able to mass produce and sell it as a standalone product.
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