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Greetings. I was at first reluctant to even start accepting any type of donations, as developing maps for the community has always been a pleasure for me. The feeling of providing something that is a source of entertainment to people is absolutely amazing and priceless.

Unfortunately, I am getting busier and am unable to invest as much time as I used to to develop my projects. The monthly goal of this project is small, yet sufficient to support continuous development of current and future projects. There are amazing changes planned for current projects. Thank you all!
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Tier 1
per month
The first tier. This is for those who wish to support me in some way but other options are too expensive.
Includes Discord rewards
Tier 2
per month
Tier 2. You become recognized in Discord and in-game for your epic contribution, with cool in-game rewards! Note: Message Drusus in discord for the in-game content.
Includes Discord rewards
Tier 3
per month
Become recognized in discord and gain full access to the rewards panel in game. Currently available in both Special Forces Elite 5 and Galaxy Vampirism Updated.
Includes Discord rewards
Tier 4
per month
You gain all of the content and perks from previous tiers. Your help is greatly appreciated
Includes Discord rewards
$50 – reached! per month
Reaching this goal will not only ensure development of Special Forces Elite 5 and Galaxy Vampirism Updated, but enable me to produce more content than previously allowed! A third, brand new game may also be developed!
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