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About Andy Sanchez

Hey everyone! Thank you for coming to my page! My name is Andy, I'm from San Jose, California, and I am starting a Patreon page because I am currently a college student and this is my only way to make money at the moment. I am self taught with no degree or any formal training, and have a particular interest in portraiture. I am more of an introverted person, and growing up I found that one of the ways I was able to feel at least a small connection to the people around me and understand them better was to draw them. So art has been my way of figuring my way through the world.
My favorite mediums are pencil/colored pencil, pastel, and paint. Being only 18 years old and still in my freshman year of college, I am unsure what the future holds, but in the mean time I want to keep pursuing my love of drawing.
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