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I guess you want to take this relationship to the next level, eh? Support like this would allow me to produce special project content at a very regular rate. On top of that, this would also be an opportunity to branch out into experimental concepts that 'm keen to do, but haven't hinted at the subjects of thus far (seeecreeets!). I think people would get a kick out of them, though, and I'd love to give them a shot if ever I could justify the costs involved.


My name is Andrew, though I more commonly go by Dslyecxi online. I am the founder of a gaming community known as Shack Tactical, a prior-service US Marine, and an avid fan of Bohemia Interactive's Arma series of combat simulations.

As part of my dedication towards my own ShackTac community, I've created all sorts of content for the Arma-verse - my tactical guides being the most well-known, along with a collection of mods, missions, and assorted bits and pieces. Together with a fantastic group of ShackTac members, I've filmed hundreds of our sessions as a way to share our experiences with anyone interested - and, to my surprise, it turns out there are a lot of interested parties! In addition to that, I've also created instructional/tutorial content as well as a scattering of Arma mods.


Houston, TX, USA

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Greetings! I am Dslyecxi, and my passion is serious fun. I founded and run the Shack Tactical gaming community, work as a contractor and consultant for the Arma and Virtual Battlespace series, and spend much of my free time either creating videos of my gaming experiences - primarily in Arma - or creating mods or instructional videos and content in the Arma universe. From time to time I've even put out a scenario or two, such as my MH-6 training mission or the Paperdoll Gear Menu .

I love what I do and I genuinely enjoy sharing it with others in a variety of forms, be they written or audiovisual . Being able to entertain people though the gameplay we've developed at ShackTac, teach and pass on lessons-learned over years of experience in the series, inspire others through the ethos and gameplay of ShackTac, or even help to influence the evolution of tactical gaming in some small way - each of these elements acts as fuel to keep the passion burning and counterbalance the work involved in creating high-quality content that lives up to the demanding standards I've set for myself.

I love creating quality work, I want to keep pushing myself in that direction - be that through videos, articles, mods, concepts, or whatever else might scratch the itch. I have an overflow of ideas tagged as "some day" on my to-do list, and it pains me to not be able to find the time to address them.

When I do have the time, I'm motivated through what I can come up with, and it's inspiring to see the reactions that people have to my work. Some examples would include my illustration of ballistics in Arma 3 or my VTTP and Art of Flight series. I have many more of these ideas sitting around, more topics I want to cover, but there are only so many hours in the day to do so - and so many of those hours are already occupied by real-world, paying work.

What Patreon offers me is a way to turn to my audience and offer any of you an easy means by which to support that creativity in a more tangible fashion - to allow me to say that when I'm spending those extra hours on special content, I'm doing so without sacrificing my livelihood in the process. Many have asked me for a way to give back and support my efforts, and Patreon fortunately offers just that opportunity. The goal here is simply to continue doing what I love, and in the process, be supported by those who see the value in it . In turn, that support allows me to invest more of my time back into those same creative passions, resulting in better work and more of it.

So what's in it for you?

Patreon allows for perks to be given for certain donation quantities, defined by the creator. The idea is to give some fun little bonuses to people for contributing, and depending on the creator's style and the kind of content they create, this can take many interesting forms.

I've carefully considered what sort of milestones and perks I can reasonably offer. The 'constraining' factor is my desire to spread knowledge - which is to say, I'm loathe to create things that only a limited set of people are going to see. It's very hard for me to come up with these sorts of perks without compromising my vision in some way - either through a loss of sincerity or integrity, a restriction on the spread of knowledge or entertainment (such as with patreon-only videos or content), or something equally undesired.

In light of this, I'm only offering a single perk option, aimed at people who donate $5/mo or more. I'll admit that this isn't much to write home about - you get access to a private feed that I don't have any specific plans for - but I'd rather take this path than try to force perks that don't jive with my vision of how this works. Instead of perks, the collective milestones are where my attention goes - as support increases, everyone will benefit from it through additional videos, more topics being covered, new concepts being experimented with, and so forth. You can find those milestones listed on the left pane of this page.

In the event that I think of compelling perks that don't clash with my ideals, I'll reevaluate things in the future - but for now, this is the way we'll go. Hopefully everyone understands!

If there's something you'd like to propose as an additional perk or milestone, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] to suggest it! You know better than I do as to what you're looking for or would appreciate.

My intent is to put extra time into doing 'special' content in proportion to the amount of support received , in addition to sustaining what I already create. Specifically, I see myself spending more time doing things like:
  • Continuing the Art of Flight series. I've been flying in the series since OFP in 2001. I've seen everything Arma can throw at you, and I'd love to share my knowledge with aspiring virtual pilots.
  • Continuing the Virtual Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures series. Ten years and counting of multiplayer experience in this series, eight of them with my own ShackTac crew, has given me a wealth of experience to draw from. I have near endless topics that I want to cover in this series.
  • Extra production work on my gameplay videos or supplementary videos about them, to include better visualization of the scenario setting, objectives, how it played out, and my thoughts on it. I can't do this for every video, but there are plenty of examples in recent history where I could have done more if I could have justified the time required.
  • Gameplay commentary videos, like what I did in Stay awhile and listen. I love these, and I know you all love them too based on how frequently I'm asked to do more. I fully intend to do more of these, and your support helps me justify the extra time spent on them.
  • Additional session videos that might not have otherwise been created due to time constraints. There are occasions where I intend to do an extra video or two from a given session, but simply don't have the time for it. I try to prioritize the best of the best, but even the nth-best videos from a given session are something I would proudly stand behind.

Those are the more concrete things that I know will happen. In addition to those, I have many other ideas I'd like to pursue - such as Q&As, opinion pieces/VLOG-esque videos, doing bits on other games, etc - and a number of ones that I'm keeping close to my chest for now, but would really love to take to fruition. There are also many topics I've thought about writing (or talking) about, such as sharing experiences from running ShackTac, group management, and other potentially interesting insights.

Ok, sounds cool. How does this work?

Patreon allows you to choose any arbitrary amount to donate, or use the pre-made perk tiers, with the default behavior being a recurring monthly subscription. If you'd like to do a one-time donation, you can simply go through the monthly option and cancel after a month - no strings attached.

If you choose to support me, all I ask is that you please do it for the right reasons . Don't expect to get preferential treatment regarding applying to ShackTac as a result, or have creative control over my channel and content, or anything like that - that isn't what this is about, and more importantly, that's not who I am.

This is my passion - I intend to continually drive myself to create better work, and this is a significant potential factor in how I can best achieve that. For those of you looking to chip in and contribute towards a sustainable way for me to create more and better content, thank you!

I'm confident you won't be let down by the results.

As far as donations in general, feel free to do whatever you want - the $5/mo perk can be applied to any donation above that level. I had originally set goals to have $1/$5/$15/$25/$50 perk options, but instead, simply pick whatever's comfortable to you.
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