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Anybody supporting with at least $5 can drop ideas for SMW development stuff in the request channels on Discord, which I will attempt to create as many of as possible, depending on the demand. Almost all the stuff I've posted here or on Twitter was the result of one of these requests!

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About dtothefourth

Hi, I'm dtothefourth. I'm primarily a computer programmer and game developer specializing in retro gaming and in reverse engineering old games to give them new life and to make the tools to create new fan projects using them.

I'm pretty active on Twitter, which is the best way to see visual samples of stuff I'm working on and have posted here: https://twitter.com/dtothefourth

One of the most visible projects I have worked on is a program called SMB2Edit which is essentially something like Lunar Magic or Mario Maker but for the US version of Super Mario Bros. 2. This tool was used to create the game Return to Subcon by GlitchCat7. Both of which are available on my site http://www.dtothefourth.space/

I also participate heavily in the SMW community, helping run the Romhack Races. I built the website and maintain the leaderboards all here: http://www.romhackraces.com/ I also made some of the artwork and help with tech stuff behind the scenes and made a level for one of the race weeks which was entirely procedurally generated. Try it out here!

I've also been working on reverse engineering old games and modifying them to add support for Crowd Control! I helped build the SMB2 and Zelda2 packs and get them released.

Essentially, I would like to start making more tools and things for the community . Editors for more games and tools like SNES music composition software. And even full games from scratch (I'm already a Steam Developer Partner) The problem is... I'm currently unemployed and working full time again would make it difficult to have the kind of time I'd like to spend working on these things and making the things that I would like to make. Which is why I would like to try to at least build up some sort of supplementary income via sources like Patreon to both be able to keep doing what I'm doing and to keep creating all of the tools for the community free of charge like I have been.

$551.93 of $1,000 per month
At this point, while I couldn't live off of it alone forever I could seriously start considering long term development work without another job and spend more time making games and other tools.
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