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About duangle

Greetings, dear Patreon!

We are duangle, Leonard and Sylvia Ritter, from Dresden, Germany.
We are developing an indie game called NOWHERE (currently in early alpha stage).You might know us from our crowd-funding campaign on our website which we launched on September 19th in 2013 (video above).

Since then we got support from 1632 magnificent founders, who raised $63,563. Every contribution helps a great deal to make Nowhere possible. Release date: TBA.

Still in early alpha stage, NOWHERE aims to be a holistic first person experience set within a mystic cosmos, focusing on emergent player-driven storytelling, strong social AI and high replayability through the use of procedural content, combining gameplay elements of exploration, survival, strategy, communication and adventure.
Our story arc aims to explore human topics such as family, science, religion, politics, culture and history as well as shed light on existential themes such as fate, choice and free will, seen through the unfamiliar lens of individuals in a post humanist, post singularian alien society.
NOWHERE was born out of the desire to make sense of the human condition through the pursuit of new experiences. We believe that games can relate wisdom; we are convinced that playing games can lead to new perspectives and better life decisions in a fun way. With NOWHERE we aim to contribute to this line of thought.

Current Alpha: 91 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts

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