is creating Good Times with Time Recycling and Transportation Devices.
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November 2016:  A New Begining 

You have arrived here seeking more information about the Time you have been planning to Recycle.  Thank you for your support

DUBROBOT is a device that is designed to Recycle wasted Time.  Perhaps you encountered it on the street or in some foggy memory.  Perhaps you were directed by an agent in a lab coat or perhaps you were wearing a lab coat....  No matter how you came to visit, we at the Time Transportation Authority welcome you to this campaign.  

Thank you for your interest in Time.  DUBROBOT has been dispatched on a mission to collect time and store it safely from Time Burglars. You can help by contributing or donating Time by filling out a message form at https://www.facebook.com/dubrobotdub/

You can help by becoming a monthly DubScriber to send the DUBROBOT on local time recycling missions.  Your funds are used to cover fuel, time containers, robot insurance, and mission staff. 

In return the Time Transportation Authority will be able to continue its projects in spite of government funding cuts.  The fruits of these projects will be distributed to you exclusively and by your donation level.  

Some of these include:
Exclusive Dub Mixes
Exciting videos of real prehistoric creatures
Things from the future (that you may or may not understand)
Secret music
Tiny Technology
Ancient Artifacts
Fun T-Shirts
Things you can't find in (normal) stores

$7 of $300 per month
This is the first goal. DUBROBOT can now do a slightly wider area of shows.  
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