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A woman began to create vlogs discussing her thoughts on announcements and performances of English dubbed anime. Sure, it was a little bit of content, at first, but one day two of her friends on the internet asked if they could record an episode with her... So they did, and it was well received. Little did the woman know that they would create something much more than a simple vlog series. She and her friends started a new creative outlet, and it's name... was Dub Talk.

Today, we're around a dozen nerdy friends, who enjoy each other's company and talk about our favorite obsession: Anime! More specifically, we discuss and critique the English dubs of many anime series. From the recent favorites of the simuldub era, to the well known classics of years past. We produce, record, and edit all our episodes internally, uploading once (sometimes twice) a week on our YouTube channel. Bringing a variety of voices and personalities to every episode, there's never a dull moment spent among this group of otaku!

Over the years, we've trusted each other to create so much amazing content for the anime community! Not only have we grown as a team, but individually we have each become more confident, with some of us breaking out of their comfort zones and putting their best foot forward. However, we've also learned over the years that we are one of the very few series that even tackles the art of the english dub! Gaining the support of anime fans, voice actors, and industry alike; we've realized this fun project can be something much more... And we're ready to grow even further!

While this has always been a passion project for us these past few year, there does come a point where if we want to expand and reach others in the community; it will cost a little for us to do so. Much of the expenses have come out of our own pockets, and we're all twenty-somethings who have many bills to pay on a monthly basis. Unfortunately this can leave our prospects of expanding Dub Talk in the dirt. This is where you come in!

To put it simply, to expand and become the best source when it comes english dubbed media! We've been trying to get quite a few things off the ground, but there always has been some issue holding us back. We have so many ideas and goals now, we are bursting at the seams! In order for us to achieve this, we're ready to put in even more hours of work. And we want to start involving you, our listeners, in helping us create more content! Over the past few months, each of us has brainstormed new topics to cover, such as expanding to audio, launching new projects, and brainstorming on new episodes and ideas to expand. However, we want to be able to test these ideas before sending them out into the wild. By taking part in our journey, you'll get the chance to help us create a variety of new content for fans to enjoy!

In the end, we've become so motivated because of the support given to us by individuals like you! It's because of you that we're taking this next big step forward towards our goals. For that alone, THANK YOU! We sincerely hope you continue to support us in the future, whether that's through our Patreon or just by listening to us every week. You make this all possible!

Until next time, otaku on, my friends!
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You may actually be surprised to know that not every host has a good microphone. Some of us actually still have the good old Rock Band mic to record episodes with. Hitting this goal would help make the dulcet tones of our hosts sound that much sweeter.
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