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Your dollar will go a long way! With your support, Mrs. Duck can now buy some good seeds and fancy bread crumbs and survive another month!

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Your $5 means a lot for Mr. Wolf. Grain-free wolf chow ain’t cheap, ya know!

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Everyone knows ducks and wolves *love* fancy jams. Your $10 will keep our studio’s pantry stocked with all the biscuits and artisan fruit pastes we so desperately need!




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About Duck & Wolf

Hi there, my name is Mr. Wolf and this is my wife, Mrs. Duck! Nice to meet you!

I’ve been making games ever since I was a cub, and Mrs. Duck and I have recently started making adult themed games together. Our first game, Head of the Class, is available completely for free on, and we’d love to know what you think about it!

If you like what we’re doing, please consider supporting us here on Patreon. With your help, we can buy better equipment, hire more artists, and hopefully one day even quit our day jobs and focus on making these games full time!

If you would like to lend a hand but you can’t afford to support us financially, then help us get the word out by sharing this game with your friends and on social media!
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Upgrade Our Equipment

The first thing I'd like to get is an NVIDIA RTX graphics card or two to speed up my rendering time dramatically. The faster I can produce the images for the games, the faster I can release them! :D
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