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About DudeWithoutAName

Welcome to my Patreon

I am a new Game Developer, currently working on my first game Colors of a New Dawn: The Beginning  using RPG MAKER MV to do so.  I also intend to create more games of this style when this one is finished, if you like it.

What can I do

My programming and designing skills are limited. Every day I tend to learn something new and improve my current skills. My goal is to learn and adjust as good as possible in order to provide the best result I can through my games (in terms of developing / design / writing).

Why I need your support

I created this Patreon page in order to collect some feedback for my games. A successful feedback (positive/negative comments, votes and polls, more supporters), will give me the edge i need in order to succeed. 
The game is and will always be free, but by pledging one of the set amounts, you can receive early access to the game releases before they go public, watch sneak peeks of 4K renders of released and unreleased content, participate in polls and patron-only posts and generally help me with the development costs and software costs.
All of the accumulated money  will be spent on purchasing game and model designing software and bundles, with the only goal to provide you a better gaming experience.

*Note: With the instant charge payment method that I'm currently using, you'll be charged when you pledge and you'll also receive any tier rewards according to your pledge instantly.

Colors of a New Dawn: The Beginning

Current version of the game:

Public Release
 - v0.0.5 full (03/6)  Available for everyone

 Early Access Release - v0.0.5B (31/5) 10$+ Patron's only

You can also discuss the game in the following forums

General Information and mechanics
It's an RPG game with a story evolves around a young, naive girl who lives in a small village with her parents and her younger brother.
The game uses a time system, more specifically 7 days in a week and 5 periods of time (Early Morning, Day, Midday, Evening, Night), which specifies and controls some time-dependent events and activities.
My long-term goal is to create an open-world adult RPG, with many events and HQ Renders to accompany them. Hopefully, if we succeed with this game, there will be more to follow.

The game uses a wardrobe system, where the player can choose any among the current outfits and experience the game's events.

There are some core stats that affect the protagonist and the way she interacts with the world, which are:
Knowledge - General and sexual knowledge. The more she knows, the more she can do...
Reputation - Overall reputation in the game world. Different levels of reputation will affect some NPC's interaction with the protagonist.
Corruption - Well... no one is pure! Corruption will be slow but steady, allowing the player to do more stuff as the game progresses.
Fitness - How fit the protagonist is. It's a stat that will affect some job and relationship requirements.
Looks - How good looking the protagonist is. It will also affect job requirements as well as some NPC interactions around the world.

The are also sexual stats that affect affect the "juicy" scenes, but not only, which are: 
Horny - How horny the protagonist is. Some events require high value of this stat.
Submissive - How willing the protagonist is to do other's bidding...
Exhibitionism - How willing the protagonist is to perform public carnal acts.

*These stats are currently implemented but they do not serve many functions. They are only the "foundations" for the future releases.*

The game also uses specific outfits for specific actions, such as sport clothes for running, work clothes for different kind of jobs, normal & sleep outfits, etc.

Some screenshots from the game:

The actual pictures in-game are in higher resolution.
The game's current resolution is 1280x720 and the same resolution applies for the full-screen images (which are originally rendered at 1920x1080).

Some of the currently (0.0.5) implemented adult themes of the game are:
  • Exhibitionism 
  • Incest 
  • Corruption 
  • Submission 
  • M/F - F/F

And some of the planned features are: 
  • Blackmail 
  • Threesomes 
  • and more...

$0 of $50 per month
My very first goal is just a symbolic value of 50$, which if/when it gets reached it'll give me the boost i need in order to keep spending my free time on my first game Colors of a New Dawn: The Beginning. REACHED!!!
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