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We provide a free & feature-rich dynamic DNS solution!

       Since IPv4 addresses are so hard to find nowadays, almost every ISP offers connection to the internet through a dynamic external IPv4 address to residential customers. Some of the ISPs moved to IPv6, (good for them) but the alocation of IPv6 PD (prefix delegation) in LAN (your home network) is also dynamic, in many cases and this can make it very difficult to connect to home services from an external computer.

    To address this issue, we created DUIADNS as a free DDNS provider and our Dynamic DNS solution is known especially for this unique IPv6 feature we called 'IPv6 for LAN' (you can update all your v6 LAN's hosts directly from your home router).

      DUIADNS is also one of the fewest DDNS choices for apple airport routers:

     We have spent a lot of effort in making the code for these two very usefull features (IPv6 for LAN & Apple Airport DDNS) and we want to share our experience about running a Free DDNS service, about IPv6 and dynamic DNS or mDNS apple router's updates with everybody is interested.

    We have been running this service for over 5 years and we try to cover operational costs via donations. You can donate for a premium account, like for example a DUIA Custom account where you can use dynamic DNS with your own domain or  you can became a Patreon and help us sustain more free accounts in the future.
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