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I'm Jay Baker: punk DIY documentarian, author, blogger, vlogger, podcaster and lifelong anti-capitalist activist based in Sheffield, UK.

After being bullied at school, I was taught at home by my mother, developing a passionate sense of social justice. I'm a straight-edge vegan, feminist, and LGBT+ ally, and love working in various communities, especially with disadvantaged groups.

I'm a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and have set up numerous not-for-profit organisations focused on social change. I work in social impact with my partner Jane and with her co-founded AFC Unity, where I coach, and the FreeTech Project, where I teach. I'm also a director of the board at E.D.E.N Film Productions. I'm a proud member of both the IWW and Acorn.

In twenty years, I've never had a conventional job, instead applying the DIY “punk” ethic to making documentaries, writing books, organising anti-fascist events, and launching and running projects helping to empower communities in both Britain and North America. A lot of work with social justice at its core tends to be self-funded, or simply doesn't make much at all (in a capitalist society, there's very little money in helping people!)

I made the guerrilla documentaries Get Over ItEscape from Doncatraz, and Return to Doncatraz, and wrote the books Soon To Be Banned and P***ing in the Mainstream. I've written for Now Then, The Scavenger, and the award-winning zine La Bouche, amongst other websites, zines, and newspapers. I write for SilenceBreaker Media and am hosting their media critique podcast, Breaking the Silence. In addition, I host the political pop culture podcast The Left Fist

A great deal of my work - from blogging, to vlogging, to podcasting, and coaching - costs me a great deal of time and some money to keep it all going. Your support will mean I can keep helping the initiatives and communities I work with, without even greater strain on my finances, and even improve the quality of my work as support increases. Thank you!
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