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About Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation

The Indigenous Land Corporation has changed the locks on the Kyana gallery a decision made by the National board headed up and Chaired by Dr Dawn Casey a Murri from North Queensland. The board of directors comprising many white advisors and members have enforced a decision to eradicate off the Nyoongah cultural landscape the only historical bastion of spiritual and cultural materials that comprise the collection that is archived, maintained and importantly interpreted by Nyoongah people.

This decision ultimately will render our self determination to heal our peoples lives through culture and spiritual growth to a future we believe that will impact on the loss of lives and stricken our young peoples cultural strengths to a spiritual impoverishment. This is cultural sacrilege, it is cultural genocide with a political monopoly that attacks our cultural and spiritual rights on all political fronts.

This enforced intrusion into our cultural sacred rights eclipses the state Governments decision to close over 130 remote Aboriginal communities across Western Australia impoverishing our people into a future of trauma on the fringes of townships where the white mans poisons will be an escape from the perils of his world, murder whichever way you turn. Ironically the state Government announces that the south west land deal is all but a pen swipe away where the old lore will be nullified by the power of money. The basis of the deal is the financial transactions regardless of the importance they place on the distraction of the recognition of Nyoongah people in the state constitution. Just as ironic is the fact that their money comes from our land that they now sell back to us in the form of plastic transferred from minerals.


The Indigenous Land Corporation operates the same as any Government Corporation dictating the profit of economics from the genocide and dispossession of our peoples and land, capitalising on colonisation sprouting the propaganda whilst breaking every sacred law that has protected the nurturing of our great budga since the beginning of time.

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Dumbartung has reached a critical moment in its nearly 30 year history.  In order to keep our doors open we must raise these funds as soon as possible!

Please show your support by making a financial contribution.  If enough people (500 people dedicated to grass roots preservation of Aboriginal culture and healing is not a big ask surely?) contributed the equivalent of one coffee a week it would go a long way and at the same time send a strong message to government.

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