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        About Nic Taylor

        Dungeon Digital:
        A simple yet effective Web-Based Dungeon Creator, which supports DM and Character concurrent connectivity.

        Try the TOTALLY AND ALWAYS FREE Dungeon Digital here:
        (passwords are salted and hashed)

        Discord (for discussion and bug lodgement):

        With your support, I can maintain the server and provide active development to fix bugs and add functionality - and make sure it remains completely free!

        The site is in active development, if you discover a bug, please take a screenshot and let me know - I will resolve the issue as soon as I can. Any feedback is appreciated to make the site more intuitive and functional.

        About Me:

        I'm a Web Developer with Industry experience, I have worked on challenging websites that go beyond the standard website functionality.

        After being in a tabletop RPG campaign for many years, our DM left for another city and we were left using a collection of software tools to manage the campaign. Many of these options are costly/complicated or just don't provide exactly what we wanted.

        Which is when I came up with the idea for Dungeon Digital.

        Current Functionality:

        DM can:
        - create a campaign for any tabletop game system
        - search an email address to add unassigned characters to campaign
        - create multiple areas with environments, rooms, objects, doors and pick which areas are assigned to what campaigns
        - manage campaign: Assign characters to rooms, Add creatures (if the game is D&D, it uses the creature list from the OGL 1.0a), Drag Actors to any room and even stack them ontop of each other.

        Characters can:
        - Only see other characters and creatures in their current room, yet remember what rooms they have been in (greyed out)
        - Can request movement to a square, the DM can approve it by clicking on a silhouette which will move the character to requested square

        Currently Working on:
        (Cross out means its done)
        Phase 1

        - Saving Environments (non-rectangle areas such as country roads, rivers, plains)
        - Actually hiding hidden doors, and click to unlock/open from DM side
        - Ability to remove a character from a campaign (can remove from area but not campaign at the moment)

        Phase 2
        - Extend Environments/Rooms/Objects when clicking on them and clicking adjacent squares
        - Auto-Expanding Grid on Area Management view
        - Export maps to PNG/SVG

        Phase 3
        - Add Traps
        - Allow Hidden Doors and Traps to be visible per character (DM can trigger this when needed)
        - Different Sizes, when specified on character creation, the icon will represent proper scale
        - Editable creature instances, display all creature data (from OGL), Custom Creatures section (To support homebrew and non-d&d creatures)
        - Add Walls to outline rooms instead of creating a colour hex based on name and room ID

        Phase 4
        - Add Character field for vision and Room/Environment field for brightness, in low light characters will have limited vision in current room
        - Editable character fields

        Phase 5
        - DM ability to create custom Roll Requests, they can then select individual characters or entire rooms and Request the chosen Roll
        - DMs will also be able to click 'Start Battle' and whatever actor within selected rooms will be requested to roll for initiative
        - Discord integration (partially done)
        $0 of $50 per month
        I will provide weekly development logs and commit notes to prove active development.

        I will also live-stream my coding sessions, I hear some people are into that.
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