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About Dungeon Mapster

Commissions are open!

What I do:

I make maps for tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Dungeon World, or other fantasy settings. My maps are designed to be system-agnostic both for home-brew campaigns, or to fill in the gaps that many adventure path pdfs leave behind.

Who I am:

My name is Ryan, a Dungeon Master, player, and gamer. Over the years gathering tabletop experience, I've found that many DMs face hurdles making campaigns and putting their resources together for Roll20 or for their own tables through the omission of maps. My goal is to make it easier for a DM to find what they need, ready to drop into their games with as little prep-time as possible, while also providing a more immersive and interesting experience for their players.

Thanks for stopping by!


I really like your maps and have been making my own, can I have your brushes?
Sure, they're here. I also suggest you check out 2minutetabletop, whose style and youtube channel tutorials were formative for me when I got started, and he's remained my favorite map artist, which is why my work is so consistently inspired by his. Support his patreon dude, it's good af.

Do you take map commissions?
I used to take more commissions, but with my current schedule and frankly with my patreon doing well, I only take on projects that interest me and pay as well or better than my patreon posts do, which means I usually only take on commercial projects that can afford to pay my rate.

Do you take token/character commissions?:
Yeah, I like doing those, and they're much quicker to make than a whole map. Hit me up with a message, I'd be happy to do it.

I've got a kickstarter planned and we need a lot of maps for it. I can't pay you now, but with your maps, the kickstarter will be successful and I'll be happy to pay you after. Plus it will be great exposure for your patreon! Will you do it?

I have a really great idea for a map I need for my campaign, will you do it?
Probably not, unless it's for charity, very interesting to me, or something that's going to be useful to the majority of my patrons. Your very setting/theme specific niche idea with oodles of features that would fit your game and nothing else probably won't be of interest to other patrons, and I'm not going to charge people for something they won't use. I respect my supporters too much for that.

How many grid squares is X map?
Isn't it easier to count them yourself than to write me a message asking me to do it? I don't get this question. Use the align to grid feature on roll20, it's what I do, and it's quick and easy af, and you don't even have to count.

I love/hate the border/grid and you should do less/more to accommodate printed/virtual tabletop because I use/don't use that method:
People use maps different ways, and it's just plain easier to modify a printable map for VTT than the reverse, but they're both very easy to do, and part of the required skillset to be a dm. I have no interest in hearing about your personal piccadillos regarding how I apply these things. I've heard every type of complaint no matter which way I do it, and trust me, there are those who feel just as forcefully the other way on any given method, and have also messaged me to let me know. The PSDs are $2 and GIMP is free if you really feel that strongly about it. I've chosen the most universally accessible approach, and don't plan on leaning more one way than another unless it's better for everyone.
$666 - reached! per creation
I don't have a legitimate reason for choosing this number as a goal, I just think it would be funny and kind of metal. When we make it here, I'll do a 2-part dungeon of patrons' choosing.
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