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About Wizard Fuu's Dungeon Master Class

Wizard Fuu's Dungeon Master Class

Hello Dungeon Masters, here you will find advice, content, and more which is all aimed at helping you be a more effective DM. 


> What do I mean when I say effective DM?:
An effective DM is one who provides a fun experience for their players. 

As a DM/GM, you need to not only know the rules, and play referee each gaming session, but you are also expected to go home each week and come up with another few hours of content. Random Generators, DM Screens, and the various websites geared at easing this task are all wonderful resources to add to your workflow. However, these are all just pieces of the overarching story. You also have to manage the attention and interests of all the players at the table, inside and outside of direct play. My goal is to help you gain a better philosophical understanding of every element of the DM's job. From there I will help you structurally in the creation of your own Campaigns, Modules, and Sessions. 

> What can I expect?
My guides and tips will include everything from World Building, Dungeon Creation, and Combat Tactics, to Storytelling, Improv, and talks on the philosophy of the game itself.

I will be creating every type of media possible to share the tricks I've learned with you. Youtube videos, Podcasts, and Streams are just a few of the things I hope to provide in the future. Right now, you'll receive weekly blog posts which will include Storytelling, DMing, and Management tips. You'll also get access to several One-Shots, Modules, Wizards Content Guides, and soon(tm) a full 1-20 campaign, all fully fleshed out in the same D&D book style you're familiar with.

But wait, there's more! 
High-level donors will receive access to direct 1 on 1 tutoring sessions, homebrew balance checks, or campaign editing help.


> Who is Wizard Fuu?

It's just my favorite character's name, but a bit about me -

I've been playing D&D for over 20 years now. From discovering the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player Handbook at a used bookstore to my first sessions DMing a game my friends had never heard of before in their lives. 

From there I played Vampire the Masquerade, RIFTS, Exalted, Deadlands, the Official Dragon Ball Z Pen and Paper, and many other very silly games. I've been on Roll20 since shortly after it's launch and was on WEBRPG before that (a similar program). I've obviously played AD&D, however, I've also stuck with Wizards every step from 3.0 forward, and here I sit trying to learn the most recent Unearthed Arcana Errata.

I hope to bring you new ways to create a fun game, one which will be memorable for your players and that will improve your skills at the same time! I want to help newer very confused Dungeon Masters, as well as provide a perspective that even the most seasoned veteran could use to add new elements to their games.


> Why? When there's so much free information online I can get?
Let me do the reading and research for you!

First, that information is free because someone had the time and money to make it for you. You can help there be MORE of that type of content, by donating so that I have the time and money to make said free content.

Second, getting a straight answer can often be difficult. "How should I handle X" is the title of a million /r/DnD posts. Each contains a ton of different answers, and many of them are flat wrong. Some, while not being wrong could lead to more problems down the way.

I want to share the experience I've gained through a thousand failures. While knowing what does work is often a guess, I can tell you that I know a little too well what definitely does not work.

> What are One-Shots / Modules / Campaigns?
In Tabletop Gaming, a One-Shot is intended to be a single session, self confined game. The heroes backstories don't really matter, and nobody cares what happens to them after this game. Typically these involve a single major challenge with a few minor challenges along the way. Since these are meant to only last for a single session of play, they can often be called "sessions" though this term usually only applies if it is part of a Module or Campaign.
Ex: Reach the top of the wizard's tower

A Module is a set of sessions strung together end to end. The results of several One-Shot type events, culminating in a larger theme. This will typically lead the heroes through a few different locations, or through a few areas of one large location.
Ex: Stop the Evil Wizard. You must find his agents to learn the location of his tower, then fight your way through the swamp to reach it, then climb the floors of the tower itself.

A Campaign is a level above the module. It manifests as a very long set of sessions, creating multiple modules, all tied together by a theme. This will take the heroes typically from a very low level to a very high level. Over the course of this adventure, heroes are likely to travel far distances, meet many NPCs, and face a huge variety of monsters.

Patrons can expect content to fill each of these types of games, as well as tips and instructions on how to create your own.

> What's are Wizards Content Guides?
I love some of the new 5e campaigns Wizards has released, like Curse of Strahd. However, while running Mines of Phandelver, you may hit an issue where no given NPC knows the location of where the players need to go next. Why? Because the information is actually part of the pregen Elf's backstory. Or while playing Curse of Strahd, is there a "better/best" draw of the Trakkota cards for a more interesting story?

Allow me to pour through every page three times for you so that you can have access to tricks and tips to get you through hiccups in Wizards amazing premade content


In Closing

I really just hope to share everything I've spent so much time learning. Roleplaying games are my favorite thing in the world, and I want everyone to experience the magic that playing has brought me. I hate to see people get turned off of D&D because of a bad DM, or players who own a set of books but are too scared to take the first step and start DMing themselves. If I can add anything to your ability, or confidence in DMing then I will be happy.

- Garrett / Wizard Fuu
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