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is creating DungeonPrint Studio for mapping 3D-printed terrain

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In addition to mapping with the sets in the free tier, you'll receive the Community Choice STL set each month!  This is a set selected by patrons, and all patrons at this level and above will receive a complimentary copy of the STLs, a full month before the set is released to DriveThruRPG.  The day you pledge you'll get your first Community Choice set!

You'll also get access to the exclusive DungeonPrint Patreon feed, and more:

  • You'll see the current implementation status, and get updates when new features and models are added
  • You can vote for each month's Community Choice set
  • And as a thank-you for your support, I'll give you a shout-out in the credits for the app
  • Exclusive Bonus Tiles!  You can also download STL models for and map with the Doom Rubble and Doom Tentacle tiles, as well as the ever-expanding Prime Caverns set!
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Support DungeonPrint development and get an additional small set every month!

In addition to everything at the Community Choice level, map with a selection of Dragonbite community-created sets.  Plus, record your printed and painted tile counts, so your maps and tile list PDFs show what you have left to do!

In addition to those app features:

  • Vote in a monthly priorities poll and discuss which 3rd-party models to bring into DungeonPrint next as well as which app features to work on next
  • Exclusive Bonus Set!  Download STLs for and map with the fan-created Catacomb Keep set
  • On top of that and the Community Choice set, get another small STL set every month!  You'll get your first on the day you pledge!
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You'll unlock access to every tile available.  In addition to everything at the Dungeoneer level, you can currently map with nearly 50 extra Fat Dragon Games, Dragonbite, 2nd Dynasty, and Rampage sets, with more landing every month.  On top of cities, wilderness, underground passages, and every variety of dungeon dressing, you'll unlock all fan-created tiles to finish off your maps!  Plus, check out these bonuses:

  • Load a map image and work in 3D on top of a 2D scenario map -- make it easy to plan terrain for a published adventure!
  • Exclusive Bonus Set!  You can download STL models for and map with the fan-created Grassy Palisade set, so you can print the ground in green and logs in brown.
  • You'll also get a complimentary copy of the fan-created Wet Caverns set!




My name is Aaron, and I'm a bit of a 3D-printed terrain junkie.  Battle maps are nice and all, but nothing beats actual rooms and caverns for your PCs to explore.  When I stumbled across one of the Fat Dragon Games Kickstarters, I thought I had it made!  Soon I had plenty of 3D-printable models.

But it turned out that finding the models was the easy part!  The hard part was figuring out which tiles to print.  I tried sketching dungeon maps, and besides proving that I don't have the patience for much of a dungeon, it wasn't that easy to figure out which tiles I had available, decode my sketches, and list out exactly what I still needed to print.  I felt like I spent half my day counting spots on the map and itemizing print jobs, yet I still ended up with two left doors when I needed a right!

All that drove me to create DungeonPrint Studio — a browser-based app to draw maps of dungeons, caverns, villages, keeps, and sewers using actual 3D tiles.  With Studio, you can see exactly what your map will look like, save and load maps, generate a PDF tile list of specific sets and parts, and track the tiles you've printed along with the ones you still need to print to finish a map.  Down the road a bit you'll be able to publish, share, and review maps by others.

I'm already using the initial release, but there's a ton left to do.  My estimate is that it will take over 250 hours of work to complete.  I've come to Patreon so you can join me in this journey.  As my patron, you'll unlock extra tiles and features in Studio, so you'll able to draw maps with more of the available tile sets, save your lists of printed and painted tiles to show what you need to complete a given map, even share tile lists with your gaming group so your DM can draw up a private map and just give you a list of parts to print for the next game.  I aim to take your dungeons to the next level, for less than the cost of a roll of filament each month.

I've also got a number of bonuses in there for you:
•  Exclusive fan-created tiles: You can map with these tiles, and also download the STL models for 3D printing!  There are free tiles for every level of membership, and there's nowhere else you can get them.  So far this includes Doom Tiles, Prime CavernsCatacomb Keeps, Grassy Palisades, and Elemental Alcoves, PLUS a complimentary copy of the Wet Caverns set!
•  20% off a 3D printing service.  If you're behind on printing, just get some tiles mailed to you!
•  The Community Choice Program: each month, you can vote on a set to be created by skilled Dragonbite designers.  When it's ready, you'll get a complimentary copy, a full month before the public release!

On top of that, higher-level patrons can add a custom logo or signature to your maps and PDFs, so everyone can tell at a glance they're yours.

There's also Augmented Reality!  If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet, you can point it at a table, and view your map on the table.  You can walk around the table to view your map from every angle, and move the screen closer or farther to zoom. 

If you're really all-in, I'll let you set priorities each month for the models and features I should work on next.

Best of all, we'll be working on behalf of the entire community.  My goal is to work myself out of a job, releasing features into the free tier as my development costs are covered.  You'll see this reflected in the Goals at the top left of the page.  Thanks to my awesome patrons, THIRTY-FIVE additional sets have already been released to the free tier, and four more are on the way!  I'll keep the Patreon open so long as we come up with more sets and features to add, but you should feel free to adjust your membership when the milestones you need are reached.

So, join me in this journey, turbocharge your 3D mapping, and let's unlock this whole thing!  Thank you!

Note: while you can design your maps in DungeonPrint Studio, you'll also need to own the corresponding 3D printer models to print those maps on your home 3D printer.  The site and the PDFs have links to each set, in case you map with tiles you don't already own.

100% complete
My aim is to move features into the free tier as quickly as possible. When this goal is reached, the Dragonbite Missing Village Pieces will be moved to the free tier.  On the Rampage side, Castle S-Walls, Castle Arrow Slits, and Castle Windows will be added to the free tier, and for Sci-Fi fans, the 2nd Dynasty Habitation set will be moved over as well.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 106 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 106 exclusive posts

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