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This tier is for if you'd like to support us without receiving anything in return save for a shoutout and that warm fuzzy feeling of generosity. 
  • A shoutout at the end of each episode

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  • Submit an NPC, Item or Location name. These will be randomly drawn and used in our D&D or Call of Cthulhu streams




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About Dungeons 'n Dagons

We are Dungeons n Dagons, a contingent of gamers and tabletop RPG fans from Australia who have come together to share our hobby with the world.
We currently stream Dungeons and Dragons: Fellowship of Steel, our fortnightly 5E stream along with Dark Gaia & Sabatonliam's Call of Cthulhu, a bi-weekly excursion into the depths of horror and madness. Our streams are live and unedited, allowing you to experience these games along with us and witness our true, honest reactions - whether they be yells of triumph or screams of terror.

If you'd like to support our expeditions into fantastic and horrific worlds, feel free to toss us some gold each month and you will be helping us reach a wider audience, improve the quality of our content and access some exclusive perks along the way.

Our players are:
Sabatonliam (Liam) - variety streamer and fanatic of all things horror and metal
M1 and M2 (Michael and Michael) - co-founders of the Melbourne Metal Crüe and recent converts to tabletop role playing
Tommasaurus (Tom) - Long time RPG fan and fire aficionado 
Remsta (Remington) - Habitual camper and character builder
Kittybellegaming (Kitty) - Twitch streamer and our (underpaid) artist
Smithie (Jacob) - Reptile expert and differentiator between poison and venom.

Our regular DM/Keeper is Dayle, also known as Dark Gaia Studios, indie game developer and occasional weirdo.

We hope you enjoy our content!
$0.80 of $100 per month
When we reach $100 per month we will be able to achieve a baseline level of quality for all of our streamers. As a reward, we'll devote one month of the year entirely to Call of Cthulhu and Dungeons & Dragons one-shots such as Blood Brothers and Tomb of Horrors.
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