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Dungie is a free to use D&D campaign manager. With Dungie, you can organize your maps, locations, NPCs, encounters, dungeons and more using a simple, intuitive interface.

One thing I struggle with as a DM is keeping track of dungeon details, and figuring out what to do when my party likes to wander. There’s nothing more immersion breaking then having to say “Hold on” while you flip the adventure book, or your campaign notes to get to the right page. Dungie was built to solve that problem.

Head on over to the website and create an account. If you have any feedback, you can send it to [email protected], I'd love to hear it. Finally, if you'd like to support my work, and encourage me to continue to add new features, please become a patron.
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Advanced Player Interaction
Players will be able to pin and re-pin a map marker representing their character to any map that is player visible. There will also be companion icons that players can use for pets.

I'm going to design some class icon tokens, and some generic color/letter/number tokens that the DM can drag and drop onto the screen.

As a DM, you will also be able to upload your own custom tokens to represent items, monsters, or any way you wish.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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