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About gray Folie

heya, i'm gray Folie, sometimes known as Dupe. i write and illustrate comics for a living (about furries, usually). this patreon is how i make that living!

i've been making comics since 2015-- writing and drawing for much longer. you can click on any of the pretty banners below for more information.

the first comic i made is drop-out, now completed, 116 pages total.
my current running comic is called fresh meat. it updates on fridays.
and i make short one-offs on the side, which are patreon-exclusive until they're finished!

i started this career making all of my stories available for free, and i would like to keep it that way, so please be aware that this patreon is NOT a paywall for any content; it's to show support, give input into my artistic direction, see things early, and read more in-depth exploration of my writing and processes.

"i'm not understanding the rewards."
you can read a short overview of the rewards for each tier in the sidebar on this page.
there is also a more in-depth post here.

"why make a patreon instead of taking commissions if you want money?"
because i legitimately do not have the time to do them and work on my stories at the same time.
i'd like to stick to my goal of taking my art more seriously, and comics take a daunting amount of labor to create. the comics i make have an average of ~15 panels every page, fully rendered with color, shading and backgrounds. that's basically 15 fully finished pieces every week. 
it's a lot of work! but i love doing it. i just need a little bit of real-world support to keep me going, too. you know, for food and stuff.

please note that this patreon now charges up-front!
if you sign up at the end of the month, you WILL be charged again on the 1st! i can't change this.

i hope that covers all of your hypothetical questions. if not, you can always e-mail me at  [email protected].
thanks for the support, and even if you don't, thank you for reading! i hope you enjoy what i make.
$1,000 – reached! per month
two comic updates a week (main comic or side comic).
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