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About Clint Powell

I have hosted a number of radio shows over the years and many times the best part of the conversation happen off the air, or during the breaks. I try to re-create it when we come back from break, but often what made it great was that it was organic and in the moment. That is where this podcast was born! I simply have conversations with people you may or may not know AND find out more about what they are known for or good at, BUT also more about them as people. Asking questions about their experiences, challenges, victories, and passions. It is a podcast designed to explore and learn from others.

Growing a podcast is one of the most rewarding and challenging goals I have ever set for me and my team! We want to have the best guests, provide entertainment and information, grow our content, add to out technology, provide promotional products for purchase, and be able to move quickly. In today's competitive world that means we have to have one thing - cash flow. There are a few ways to accomplish that:
1) Traditional method: Advertisers - Which we have and are consistently evaluating.
2) In today's world and thanks to technology allowing us to be more of a community: Monthly Supporters - That is where you come in! We want to invite you to be part of our growth on a monthly basis. We want you to help us to continually grow this infotainment platform.
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