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About Dusk Peterson

I write history-inspired mythic fantasy, alternate history, and retrofuture science fiction. Family affection, friendship, platonic life-companionships, and romance often occur in the stories. My fiction has been honored seven times in the Rainbow Awards, including winning the Fantasy and Alternate Universe/Reality categories.

You can see links to my latest releases and the rest of my fiction at duskpeterson.com.

What I post at Patreon

  • Announcements of novels and short fiction that I have released at Archive of Our Own (AO3). My fiction at AO3 can be read online or downloaded as free e-books.
  • Patron-only previews of my upcoming fiction.
  • Links to my blog entries at Dreamwidth: book reviews and entries about my daily life.
  • If you prefer, you can sign up for my newsletter to receive this information. 

Current projects

I'm currently serializing my alternate history novel Forge (with previews posted here to my patrons) and am working on these upcoming stories.

Reader comments on my fiction

"So much depth within the intricate world building, yet also a satisfying tale about love. Love between individuals and love for country." —A. B. Gayle.

"Even in Dusk Peterson's darkest stories there is hope and, when it's needed, redemption. . . . These are powerful stories, beautifully written, with characters who will linger in your memory." —C. S. McClellan.

"There's something very special about Dusk's dark fic. Dark, very, but there's this smidgen of light in every cavern Dusk throws a reader, and the brightness of that light is practically overwhelming by the time you get to the end of the novel, and it is like crawling to the opening of a cavern. It's like getting a miracle." —K. M. Frontain.

About your donations

I'm a full-time writer. Publishers pay me for my nonfiction, but in order to carve out time to write and release fiction, I depend on donations. This Patreon account is for folks who would like to make a monthly donation to support me in that mission.

If you become my patron, Patreon will suggest a monthly donation amount, but please pledge whatever your circumstances allow.

This is a community

Some of you already know each other. I hope that all of you will get to know each other through my community board and through comments to my posts. Talk to each other here! Discuss the stories! Link to your fanworks of my stories!

If, however, you are an utter introvert (like me), then you are also entirely welcome here. Have fun reading quietly.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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