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About Dust Buddy

Hello there, I'm Dust Buddy. Life is short, so I focus on the important things, like drawing women slightly taller than you'd expect to see. A task not for the weary to be sure, but here you can help me perform my essential services for us all.

I am almost entirely self-taught, and learning more everyday to pursue my lifelong need to create good art, music, writing, and vidya-making; all to tell the many stories that never stop coming to me. Outside the canvas, I am a small café cook who lives a content and simple life, creating art and wandering wherever trees gather, living only on the essentials to focus on my creative hobbies. I intend to use Patreon as source of income to free up time away from the kitchen, and onto the canvas. If you are a responsible spender, any support you give helps towards opening time for me to create bigger and better girls, and to improve upon my art for you. 

Thank you for enjoying what I make and, if you choose to, thank you for supporting my love of creating. ♥️

You can see some of my art a week after it's posted here on
DeviantART, Twitter, and Pixiv.

Check to see if I'm open for commissions on DeviantART! ✏️
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New patron notice:
First time payments are up-front (then at the end if each month)
$13.89 of $250 per month
TL;DR I'm making a lot of stuff. Comics, visual novels, and video games. I'm willing to bet at least some of them will be very appealing to you. I want to make them, I need to make them, and all I need from you is the time to do it; in the form of money that I don't have to get at my currently full-time job because rent and student loans are a darn bugger.

For now, at least before the goal is met, I'm spending my free time practicing and improving on my art, so I can ultimately create quick and appealing pictures for the comics and video games I'm in the middle of producing.
If we're able to get enough patrons here, I can take some time off work, and begin fully realizing these projects. Keep an eye out for me to put together some presentable concept art, opposed to mountainous pile of papers and files constantly being refined over the years on my desk, so you have a visual and conceptual idea of what I'm banging together. A few of which include:

  • A serial comic involving a boy and four strange, alien mega-giantess whom only he can see, as they both learn about each other, why they are here, and why they can seemingly constantly destroy the city while not having lasting effects in the area (strong macro, clean destruction, vore).
  • A comic about a childhood boy and girl friends encountering a strange technology that they each separate and take different routes exploring and utilizing. The girl, longing to she her friend again, creates a multiplicity of herself of varying abilities and appearances to seek out her lost friend. (a list of flexible themes and characters, but at its core will have amazon-to-giantess, "harem", maid, lite-mecha, lite-furry)
  • Other one-off comics ranging from clean vanilla to what I'll describe as "rather niche", but all having some wholesomeness.

Video Games
  • An environment and lower female body focused minigirl and mini-er-boy metroidvania taking place in a beachside cottage, occupied by three women of different attitudes towards you. <rant> Virtually all macro video games are either crude sandboxes/arena stages, barely-passable rpgmaker asset flips, and visual novels. We need something that satisfies all of reasons why you'd play a macro game without feeling like you're drastically lowering your expectations. I have vidya code and game design experience, writing and art skills, I'm a settling perfectionist, and I have no life. The game I will eventually make one way or another is also one I intend to play for myself, if only to satisfy my own need to experience something that someone *actually thought hard about and tried thoroughly* to make. </rant>
  • An incremental, light-story game ("cookie clicker") involving a golem minigirl-to-megagiantess who gathers dirt, stone, water, and plants who has the option of interacting with people, building cities, and.. well... let's just say rebuilding cities also.
  • A visual novel with appropriate gameplay elements that actually suits a reading-based media without feeling tacked-on or even intrusive to the reading experience. A story involving a laboratory creating monster girlfriends for the world to have, and what happens to "failed batches". There will be a rather big girl, tomboys, winged girls, maybe a few catgirls here and there, and one very special girl you may feel familiar with.
  • A gravity-based game involving a mysterious space giantess (I believe the technical term is "tera-giantess") who despite her size and appearance is just a blue-collar, country worker taking house-calls to help planets with varying issues for arguably too little of pay.
  • A few other large games that aren't really macro-themed (i.e. games you could show your parents and not be disowned) but I still intend to be quality, with gameplay I hope can be a little refreshing, if not just fun. I'm not reinventing the wheel, just seeing how far I can throw it.
  • And a few really small games that I intend to make in a short span for practice, because I know with my asperations there will still have to be intermediate steps in developing larger, competent games.

Believe me when I say this isn't all I have planned, just the things I hope you may take interest in. I am very eager to make all these and more. It's just who I am. Obviously, the more patrons, the more free time and progress. As a start, this goal will let me have to only work 3-4 days while still breaking even.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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