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To thank my Launch Pad Patrons, I'll be sending the first 30 patrons a signed physical copy (CD) of my debut album. I hope you'll stay along for our ride into space!

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You'll be a part of every release because that's a lot of lint! Could you imagine what Dust Bunnys would be able to accomplish with this? No more scrounging around on the floor for scraps. Tumbleweeds won't be so snarky after they see this mobility. As a way to thank you for your support, your name will be included in EVERY release! And of course, you'll get free downloads of every track that I release with your access to the private feed!

About Dust Bunnys

Dust Bunnys are made up of a little bit of everything! Although they are known to form on their own under the right conditions, sometimes a little lint from others can help a Dust Bunny continue to grow bigger than before! For now, Dust Bunnys will continue to tumble around wherever it may roam, picking up whatever it can and using it to fill your ears with new friends.

A word from Nick: You may already know this, but Dust Bunnys is a solo project that I officially launched around the start of 2018. My big goal is to reach a point where I can make a living by consistently deliver new music to you every week! I usually put over 12 hours into a song and it can become really frustrating when life forces me to pull away from it. But I'll continue to work on bringing new music to your ears as often as I possibly can! I'll never be able to thank you enough for being a part of this journey, but I'll try. And hey, if you can't become a patron, just know that for me, just knowing that people out there can simply enjoy listening to my music is enough to make me a truly happy human.

TL;DR Hit that "become a patron" button and make it possible for Dust Bunnys to deliver new music to your ears as often as possible!
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Knowing that I have the support of you all really makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I already can't stop thinking about making music, but having people out there who like it enough to support it pushes me into overdrive. Thank you all so much!
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