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Hey, thanks so much friend!

As mentioned, you'll receive an early-access PDF file of these short stories (300-1000 words) 48 hours before they're released on my site.

You'll also receive a PDF file for developmental notes (typically a short outline, free write or string of images/themes put together for my shorter pieces).

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 My friend, you're stellar~

In addition to access granted in the previous tier, you'll receive the same early-access PDF file of my lengthier short stories (2k-10k words) 48 hours before they're released on my site.

You'll also receive a PDF file for developmental notes (slightly longer outline and free writes, imagery and themes, characters and setting, scene ideas etc.) You'll also see some author's notes detailing my thought process and aims for the stories during the drafting process.

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Have I told you you're awesome? Because you're awesome.

Same deal as before, but this tier's reserved for ongoing serials, multi-chapter and/or novel-length projects. This will grant you access to collections of new chapters (minimum of 3) released to you in PDF format a week before they're released on my site.

You'll also receive a PDF file for all developmental notes -- the bits where I go crazy with brainstorming, outlining, free writing, plotting and more. You may see some handwritten notes and drawings, as well as photo dumps and playlist tracks referenced as I write.

Upon project completion, a full compilation of all chapters released will be delivered to Patrons as well.




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Hey there!

Name’s Arrielle Brooks – caffeine-infused, notebook-hoarding and slightly neurotic on my best of days. I’ve been writing for close to two decades now, largely fanfiction. (You probably know me best for my Transistor works on AO3. If not, give them a read if you're curious and have the time~) While I still plan on contributing to fandom in my spare time, I’ve found myself wanting to focus more on producing original works and publishing them on a consistent basis. Essentially, every project I’ve ever thought about starting but just haven’t for one reason or another.

It’s a big commitment for me, to be sure. My output has always been slow, and due to a recent move and a drastic career change, I’ve largely had writing on the back burner. But I’m ready try something to kick my butt back in gear and get the ball rolling again.

So! Why Patreon, and why support me?

Fiction, plain and simple. Original stories, both re-imagined and new, long or short or in-between. All delivered to you in custom designed PDF format long before they’re released on my website.

The goal is to cultivate and share these stories as freely as possible, and while no one will be barred from reading any content published on my site, I do want to give back a little something extra to those that decide to invest in me. I also want to prove, more to myself than anyone else, that this is something I can do both reliably and well.

In addition to new stories, Patrons will also receive a complied PDF for any conceptual and developmental notes as they relate to each story – character notes and world-building, summaries and free writes, rough and deleted scenes no one else will get to see. Essentially, the dump files I tend to make as I’m crafting a story from beginning to end. (They’re typically not that pretty, but I’ll gussy ‘em up just for you~)

I’m hoping to produce one thing every other month, giving you imaginative stories of varying lengths and genres, and giving me some breathing room as I work my way through this terrifying yet exciting new venture.

Most importantly, I thank you for your time! Much love and appreciation, support or no!

You can also find my on Tumblr and Twitter.
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