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Welcome to my small Patreon page!

My name is D. Wolfin, and I create litRPG fiction. Fantasy worlds inside of virtual reality brought to life through the universal force of words.
You can contribute to my work in many ways. Purchasing my work, telling others about me, even by helping me improve through constructive criticism, just to name a few. Becoming a Patreon to me is also one of those ways. Contributing at least $1 a month does not seem like much, but to me it is. Every Patriotic individual has my deepest gratitude that sometimes even my words cannot portray. 

I do not beg, nag, or guilt trip others. If you are unable to pay money, then I do stress that you do not. I would feel incredibly guilty if you did so and made your life more difficult.

I struggle to make a living as a writer, barely scraping through most months. Yet, I find myself to be incredibly happy. Having less money than the standard minimum wage employee is generally considered to be hard and painful. However, I consider struggling through the hard times to be the most invigorating moments. We strive to do better than we ourselves are, and in turn capture the minds of others in our endeavours. 

I believe that each and every story has its own life, something granted by the writer, yet not governed by it. We watch the story grow and unfold, drawing us into a realm that is not of our own.
My first and current work, End Online, is such a tale. Giving birth to it in November 2014, I even consider it to be something like a daughter, receiving my guidance as it slowly grows up to be a beautiful woman.

My writing style is not something unique, often somewhat rough around the edges. Although, For up to 16 hours a day I put my true feelings into my words in the hope that you will be able to feel them too.

End Online is the story of a man, who through the events of a devastating accident lost the use of his legs. He then turns to virtual reality, recommended to him by his doctor who secretly hopes it will lessen the shock of losing something invaluable.
He decides to try a game called End Online, a recent release that is turning over the bad publicity revolving around virtual reality.
Inside this game, he escapes the reality of being confined to a wheelchair. Slowly meeting others, a wolf girl AI, a prestigious thief, a delusional knight, two mischievous brothers, and others who slowly allow him to learn more about himself and come to terms with his life, and where it should head. 


Chronicle of the Eternal is my second series. In the year XX, the human population had exhausted the world's resources, leading to cataclysmic environment changes that caused the extinction of all life on the planet. Space exploration was conducted, yet ended in failure. For the continuity of the human race, human minds were digitized and transferred to the digital world of Grandosa, a virtual reality.
The protagonist of this tale is a person named Regal. He is what is referred to as a Soulless; someone accused of not having a soul due to diminished emotions and driven by logic. With his parents having entered the eternal rest, he has nobody to rely on other than himself as several unfortunate events lead to him gaining a second chance.
Regal discovers that there is more to this world than what appears. His only option is to maintain his silence and hide in the crowd, or to rise up and stand above all.
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The goal to have a single volume professionally edited every 3 - 4 months
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 67 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 67 exclusive posts

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