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Thank you! Here's what you get with the Bronze tier:

- Night and day alternative maps 

- Battle maps / map modules for virtual tabletop

- Grid and no grid versions

- All previous maps and map modules that were released in this tier

- Early access to my maps, before I release them anywhere else

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reward item
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With $2/creation you will get Bronze rewards as well as access to:

- Alternative weather maps 

- Asset packs 

- Roll20 quest log / summary screens

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reward item
per creation
With $5/creation you will get Bronze + Silver rewards as well as:
- All variations available for the release.
- Print ready files of the battle maps and modules I release
- Commercial Use. If you would like to use my maps commercially, please do not set a monthly limit. Detailed Commercial Use license info can be found here:
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About Domille's Wondrous Works

I regularly release battle maps of inspiring, as well as practical, locations and settings to make a DMs' life easier. Whether you are a fan of combat or storytelling, I lean on my extensive experience as a Dungeon Master, as well as a graphic artist, to bring you battle maps that encourage both. You will often find maps that are inspired by video games, movies, and historical art. Skyrim, Lord of the Rings, Studio Ghibli, Mayan, Aztec, and Egyptian Art are some of my favorites.

I also often team up with other creators to provide more, better content for my Patrons. You will find additional content such as tokens, assets, encounters, stat blocks, and lore on this page. You can expect to see 3-4 full, paid releases a month, as well as additional free content available to Patrons only.

If you like what you see, please consider becoming a Patron! At $1/release, you will have access to over 50 maps as soon as you sign up! The $1 Tier is limited though, so jump in while there are still spots!

Who am I?
Well, if you made it this far down, thank you! I guess I should introduce myself. On the vasts of the Internet, people call me Domille. I was a graphic designer for 14 years when I decided to start drawing maps and post them on the internet.

I've been playing D&D and other TTRPGs since 2014. I also have been DMing for my group since 2017 (on and off). I had initially started DMing because I felt that I wanted to facilitate my players traveling into a special, awesome, and magical world. I wanted to build it for them, and allow them to play with it, experience it. I also used my DMing as a way to practice my creativity. i would often draw up the settings, quest screens, hand outs, and maps for my games.

Then in the beginning of 2019 I lost my job. After about a month or so, my husband started to encourage me to start working on some maps, and start a Patreon. I listened to him. And here we are. I've been at it since March 2019. With your help, hopefully I will be able to continue doing this for a long time.

How Does This Thing Work?
There currently are 3 tiers of pledges available:  $1, $2, or $5 per creation. Each tier has different perks, escalating from one to the next. You will only get charged when I release new content, but  if I release more than expected, you can set up your Maximum Monthly Pledge, so you don't get charged an amount you are not comfortable with. You can cancel your pledge at any time.
$268.86 of $300 per creation
Given that I release 2-4 packs / maps a month, this would cover my basic bills, which means I will be able to release more content and not be stressed out about electricity being on. I will release an extra asset pack upon reaching this goal
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