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About Dyanna Dimick

I am an artist living and working in San Francisco. Many of my pieces include found objects, bringing attention to life’s commonly overlooked items. I appreciate the idea of reuse and bringing meaning and importance to objects people overlook and discard. I gladly embrace the synthesis of painting and sculpture. Nature, music and material all influence my work. Robert Rauschenberg's work is very inspiring to me too. I am very interested in consumerism and the obsession with money in our culture. I recently started playing with this idea mixed with colors I see in nature, since the ideas are so contrasting. So far these concepts show themselves in an abstract way when I create.

Your support helps feed my desire and need to create. It's such a wonderful feeling knowing others encourage my work and the arts.  I will use the pledges to maintain my studio space and obtain materials I need to keep creating. Thank you!!! DYDART.com
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