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About Dylan Ginno

Hi guys, glad you made the trip over to my Patreon. This is a way to help support my channel even more than just simply watching and liking my videos. People who support me on Patreon will hold a special place in my heart as you're participating with me in this journey.

If you do not want to support me monthly on Patreon but still want to support me in someway feel free to make a one time donation on PayPal - [email protected]

I am always looking to expand the channel and try new things. Recently I started doing music video essays which I have really enjoyed making and I hope they will become a staple of my channel.

Supporting me on Patreon allows me to improve production on this channel and to keep it running as YouTube is currently my only source of income. Thank you for considering supporting me.

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I will upload an incredibly cringey dance cover of a KPOP song of your chosing EXCLUSIVELY here on Patreon,
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