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I am the creator of the Deep State Mapping Project (D.S.M.P.), known best for the "Q-MAP", or Q-WEB as i prefer to call it.  I am also creating two YouTube channels; New Templars and the official D.S.M.P. channel.  In addition, i am continually composing the galactic compendium to the Q-anon narrative, known as the Orit-B Codex.
D.S.M.P. is a partially open source project. The Q-KEY and other important diagrams are offered as free hi-res downloads.
There are several planned & ongoing maps and other artworks under the umbrella of this project, including a Deity Chart and a Qanon Map. Your support here will also sustain my meme warfare campaign on instagram.
Patreon is now the primary source to access D.S.M.P.'s download offering catalogue. By signing up for just our $1 tier, you will gain access to the primary assortment of diagrams we offer.
All patrons will also enjoy the following benefits:
- Exclusive updates about what I'm working on, including graphics and memes that i will share only here.
- Custom product requests: Because most items in the D.S.M.P. store are made-to-order, I can create a product specifically for you, at your request.
- I will be hosting Patreon exclusive group chats via Zoom. Looking forward to some in-depth deeply woke discussions!
See the 3 different tier options for specific benefits for each tier. 👉🏻

Links to the main projects I’m working on:
Deep State Mapping Project homepage & store:

New Templars YouTube channel:

“Deep State Mapping Project” YouTube channel:

Orit-B Codex; Transcribed by Asset no.145:

Thank you all for your support!
Dylan Louis Monroe

69% complete
Working to get D.S.M.P. a warehouse, and a vehicle to drive to conventions!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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