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Warm Fuzzy Feeling!!
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That’s right, for the resonible price of $1, you get a Warm Fuzzy Feeling ™ for helping out a writer. I know that others offer a similar Good Feeling when you support them, but this is the only place to get that Warm Fuzzy Feeling™. Thank you so much.
Acme Hero Family
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You will get early access to The Correspondent, you will also have access to the $1 reward.Welcome to the family. As a member of the Acme Hero Family you are one of the lucky few (unless there are a lot of people) who receives early access to The Correspondent. For the rest of the public the Episodes are posted on Thursdays, but you will have already seen them. So spoil away, you crazy person you.
Beta Reader Status
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I do a lot of writing every week, on many different projects, and if you are a $10 subscriber, you get to read it. This is where you will see all of the strange and weird things that don’t make it into a final project. There will also be abandoned projects that have to be recycled into good ideas. If I get stuck, I’ll ask for your help. If you think something is dumb, you can tell me.