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About DDCS

My name is Andrew Finegan and I am a software developer by trade. Every day since I purchase my first DCS module, A-10C, I have been hooked playing and developing for DCS. Overtime, I eventually bought every module, this game is REALLY fun!!,  I started making a full featured Dynamic Caucasus map for a better persistent place to play with my friends. The more I worked on it, the better it became. Many of my squadmates tell me I have the best A2G game of all the multiplayer servers due to the dynamic nature of them, you cant tell where and what enemies exist at the next base. Then, about 2 months ago, I got this crazy idea of building an external engine to run the map to overcome DCS's limitations. I bought the domain name 'dynamicdcs.com' and built a powerful server to host it, while also acquiring gigabit fiber internet and the rest is history. DynamicDCS.com was born. 

So far, I have built the backend engine, units now show up on the map software, and I just finished the storage engine for the stat system.

I gladly take any suggestions from anyone because I want to make the best, most fun group of DCS maps ever made. I also have a 2.1 Nevada map that will soon get the same treatment and run on the DynamicDCS engine. There is also talk in the future about a true conventional war map (vietnam era warfare, less computers, more rockets, bombs, etc).

All patreon donations will be put toward equipment and purchasing new maps to host with (servers need their own copies of each map), On my newly built server, even with 32 gigs of ram can only safely host 2 maps on it at the same time, so if I want to expand this, extra funding will help. These servers are always on and up 24/7

You can find me on my Discord channel by joining through this invite link: voice.dynamicdcs.com

I want to make this patreon the most transparent as possible, show EXACTLY where the money is going and how its going to benefit you!

Thank you for you input and support!

Andrew Finegan
Callsign: Drex
72% complete
Build and Develop The Hardcore DDCS Server (realistic as possible).

Build another proper new rack mounted server (around $1200 USD).

Buy another server with focus on fastest processor (more on clock speed of individual cores instead of many cores), and lots of memory, 32GB(to handle DCS's memory leak , keep it stable), this will also have a m.2 internal SSD card(256GB), to keep loading as fast as possible. Ensure best possible server experience!

($300 a month * 4 months, a new server every 4 months)
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