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About Sunny Moraine

Who I am

I'm Sunny Moraine. I'm a writer of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and generally weird stuff who's published stories in places like, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, and Shimmer, and additionally I've written a number of novels (full credits at my author site). I have a PhD in sociology with a focus on war and genocide, and I’m uncertain about how it’ll be used but I’m trying it figure it out. I talk a lot about politics. Occasionally I essay, and yes, that's a verb now because I say. I do freelance editing. I also write, narrate, and produce a serial horror drama podcast called Gone, the second season of which is in (somewhat lengthy) preproduction. The response has been beyond what I expected and I'm excited to keep it going. 

I'm also a fannish creator (mostly in the Dishonored video game franchise and a weird little shipper corner of The Walking Dead fandom), when I can be. I make books of my fanfiction, which are available at cost to anyone who wants them. I run a podcast for the fandom which I update less frequently than I did but includes a running recap series as well as readings of fic, imterviews, and commentary. 

In short: I make a tremendous amount of stuff. I do it because I love getting excited and making things. I do it because it's fun and it makes my life better, and I like making other people happy.

Why I'm here

I do all of the above because I love it, and I would do it anyway. But all of the above takes time and energy, and in significant quantities. When I launch a new project - such as the podcast or the books - it can require me to teach myself a new skillset. It can require me to spend money out-of-pocket. It's always worth it because I always get use out of it, but the time and labor is there.

Like I said, I'm working on building this writing thing into an actual career, as well as a ton of other stuff. I'm getting income where I can but funds are tight at the moment, and the life of an Artistically Inclined Person is always somewhat precarious. I also have a couple of cats, one of whom is suffering from IBD/small cell lymphoma and the other of whom has hyperthyroidism, both of which regular medication and special care. I have my own recurring health problems, and even with insurance those bills can pile up. Basically, I'm looking for something to lighten a little of the financial weight and make it easier for me to keep creating the things I love and that people seem to enjoy. 

So anything you contribute is awesome, and I'm massively grateful.

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