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About Dynasty ER Podcast

A Message from the Dynasty ER #FFDoctors

Thank you for visiting our official Patreon page. Supporters of the podcastwebsite receive access to our rapidly expanding fantasy football community, including exclusive content like our Rookie Profiles:

Supporters also get access to benefits like #FFDoctors-only leagues, custom tailored rankings, priority on fantasy questions regarding start/sit, trades and drafts, monthly giveaways, access to our community slack channel and other special rewards as Official #FFDoctors Members!

With fantasy football, no matter how good you are, in the end you can't control the players on the field. Backed with over one hundred years of combined fantasy experience, the Dynasty ER is our outlet to help you rectify those results. By listening to the podcast, you will receive expert advice on a professional, pleasant platform. Our Rankings consolidate actual grades on players to help provide a guideline for your own research, while our Player Profiles (see above) database gives you all the measurements you need to evaluate prospects. When you add in our daily Articles and other features, the result is a concise, on the nose, one-stop-shop for everything needed to maintain your fantasy football dynasties.

Join countless other fantasy football players and #FFDoctors members and take part in our exclusive fantasy football community where we discuss everything from Redraft, Dynasty, Daily Fantasy, Devy Leagues, Keepers, and so much more! We are committed to making the Dynasty ER the ultimate fantasy football resource by producing engaging and entertaining content during the season and during the offseason!

A note from the owner, Ronnie Evans: 

You really do matter to us; we are a fully independent podcast and website, without a major network or it's corporate backing and resources. Your support makes all the difference! It's literally what keeps us afloat. I believe winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. My goal here is to help you kick the wrong habits and fixate on the right ones, and in the end—make you happy.

Please consider partnering with us and supporting the site and podcast, it would mean a ton. Join the community and help us on this journey by becoming an official #FFDoctors supporter today!

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